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Graphic on how eServices and Airlift Northwest expanded their partnership

eServices Payment Technology partnership with National EMS Memorial Service

For over 30 years the National EMS Memorial Service (NEMSMS) has been honoring EMS providers who have died in the line of duty while serving others.

The Service not only recognizes our EMS fallen, but it also supports the loved ones they left behind. More than a thousand providers have been honored since the NEMSMS began.
The NEMSMS is a volunteer-based organization whose dedicated team contributes their time and expertise to ensure the EMS honorees receive the recognition and honor they deserve.

The Weekend of Honor and National EMS Memorial Service rely on donations that vary in amount from year to year. Because the NEMSMS board does not have a consistent and reliable source of funding, it poses a significant struggle every year to make sure that the Service and the Weekend of Honor can occur...
  • Graphic on how eServices partnered with MP Cloud Technologies to leverage automatic importing of patient payment and AOB information
  • "Leveraging Automatic Importing of Patient Payment and AOB Information"

  • MP Cloud Technologies is pleased to announce we have partnered with leading payment processing company eServices Technology. Increasingly, insurance companies are issuing benefit payments via virtual credit cards, and payments received from patients are often processed online or from a mobile device. Previously, account receivable specialists would have to post these transactions manually in their RCM software. Leveraging eServices integration, we are now able to connect with eServices transaction platform and auto-import 835 files for auto-posting into AdvanceClaim. In addition, we can now automatically accept and process electronic Assignment of Benefits (AOB) designations automatically. All transactions seamlessly flow in AdvanceClaim...
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  • Graphic on how eServices and Pineapple Payments expanded their integrated payments partnership
  • "Pittsburgh-Based Companies, Pineapple Payments and eServices Technology, Expand Integrated Payments Partnership"

  • Pineapple Payments, a leading payments technology company that provides omnichannel merchant solutions, and eServices Technology, a technology company specializing in online payments for EMS; fire; air medical; and public sector entities, announced today the expansion of its integrated payments partnership. Together, the Pittsburgh-based companies recognize the importance of technology...
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eServices Technology  partnership with AIM EMS Software & Services

eServices Payment Technology, a leading payment processing company, is excited to announce a partnership with AIM EMS Software & Services, an exceptional EMS billing and software service provider. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, bringing together complementary strengths to enhance and streamline revenue cycles for EMS organizations.
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  • Graphic on how eServices and Heeter conducted a case study called "Boosting Subscriptions with a Combination of Digital and Print" - Results showed sending direct mail is still highly effective
  • "We had our best outreach in years."

  • Heeter and eServices Technology see the challenge of EMS membership campaigns and have come together to create a solution. The case study involves Southeast Regional EMS, who provides ambulance and non-emergency transportation services to nine municipalities in Western Pennsylvania. The organization funds a big portion of its operating budget by selling subscriptions for...
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  • Graphic on how eServices and EMS Consulting Services expanded their partnership
  • eServices Technology Partnership with EMS Consulting Services

  • eServices Technology, a payment technology company, is pleased to announce a partnership with EMS Consulting Services, a nationwide consulting firm focused on providing high-quality consulting assistance to all agencies of the Public Safety community and emergency management institutions...
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  • Graphic on how eServices and Innovative Public Safety expanded their partnership, positioning eServices as Innovative Public Safety's preferred payment provider
  • Strategic Partnership Positions eServices as Innovative Public Safety's Preferred Payment Provider

  • eServices Technology, a payment technology company, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Innovative Public Safety (IPS), a public safety consulting and managed solutions provider. Innovative Public Safety (IPS) has brought together a unique team of professionals with a vast collection of experiences within public safety...
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  • Graphic on how eServices and Airlift Northwest expanded their partnership
  • eServices Technology expands partnership with Airlift Northwest

  • eServices Technology, a payment processing technology company, is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with Airlift Northwest, an air medical transport provider based in Seattle, Washington. Airlift Northwest, a program of the University of Washington School of Medicine and Harborview Medical Center, provides flight...
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