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Our Technology

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About our Technology

eServices Technology was born in the summer of 2013 when a few sketches and crazy ideas from Jesse, coming from 17 years in EMS, met Chuck's extensive technology experience. The two co-founded a platform that would forever change online payments for emergency medical services and fire departments. As the technology continued to mature, it became evident that the final product would serve many verticals beyond public safety and expand into a full e-commerce solution.

Currently, eServices has over 1,600 partners across the United States and has grown into a trusted industry leader, creating e-commerce solutions to help organizations achieve their maximum potential.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to be a trusted partner and industry leader creating e-commerce solutions to help organizations achieve their maximum potential."

Our Customers

We have customers all over the United States.

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Bolt-On Solutions

We offer a variety of services from Donation Management, Event Management, Invoicing, Medical Billing, and Membership Management, as well as Payment Processing Tools.

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