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Donation Management

Collect online donations, manage donors, and run effective campaigns with our donation management solutions.

Event Management

Manage events and create an online store with our event management solutions.


Generate invoices and collect online payments with our invoicing solutions.

Medical Billing Technology

Discover our patient payment portal technology built for patient ease and efficient, online medical billing solutions.

Membership Management

Manage memberships and run effective campaigns with our membership management solutions.

Payment Processing Tools

Discover payment solutions and complete secure transactions with our merchant payment processing.

Tax Collection

Collect online taxes, track tax discounts, and locate bills with our Tax Collection module.

Call Log

Collect call log details and edit call log elements with our call log solutions.

Get to Know Us

eServices Technology is an innovative, agile company built on the entrepreneurial spirit. Our cloud-based and user-friendly platform provides bolt-on solutions for Donation Management, Event Management, Invoicing, Medical Billing, and Membership Management, as well as Payment Processing Tools. Each component is fully integrated yet flexible, allowing you to implement only the tools you need.

Our platform is your solution!

We Serve Those Who Serve

We're in the business of helping you do yours.

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First Responders

Fire departments and EMS seeking bill payment, donation, event, and membership management solutions, as well as payment processing tools.


Nonprofit organizations seeking donation management and fundraising/raffle solutions, as well as payment processing tools.


Municipalities seeking online bill, tax payment, and membership management solutions, as well as payment processing tools.


School districts seeking event management and invoicing solutions, as well as payment processing tools.


Businesses of all types and sizes seeking event management and invoicing solutions, as well as payment processing tools.

Utilize Top-Tier Technology

Why do our partners choose eServices Technology?

Because we are a leading provider in e-commerce solutions, helping companies and organizations reach their maximum potential.
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  • 1,600+

  • nationwide partners.
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  • 60+ Years

  • of experience in technology.
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  • 80+ Years

  • of experience
    in EMS and fire.


Don't just take our word for it. Read testimonials from our customers and
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"Software is software, platforms are platforms, but it's the people who make the difference."

- Robert "Skip" Brown
"Our organization began working with eServices Technology in the summer of 2020 to assist us with our annual fund drive campaign; this was to help us migrate from using spreadsheets, databases, and a cumbersome workflow process.

It was a learning experience moving to a new platform, but working with Connor Meyers and Jena Bloomer was a smooth process.

This year in 2021, we worked directly with Jena Bloomer,  who has a wealth of knowledge with her social media suggestions. She introduced us to using an email campaign this year, guiding us through the process and providing her expertise. She also provided suggestions to enhance our Facebook and Instagram accounts which are looking much better now.

Jena is always very proactive in getting answers to any of our questions and attentive to any emails or phone calls with a quick response. Jena is such a ray of sunshine, always cheerful and making us laugh."

- Bev and Carol
"Our organization began working with eServices Technology in October 2020 to migrate our membership program to a new platform. Through the process, we have worked with Connor Meyers, Jesse Siefert, Charles (Chuck) Benscoter, and Jena Bloomer.

Chuck has been incredibly patient and helpful with all our questions about the transfer of data and membership platform design while being very positive and entertaining.

Jena has taught us how to craft email campaigns to reach all of our members and helped us learn about pulling reports from our new system, cheerfully walking us through each step.

We are very happy that we chose eServices Technology for our new membership program and look forward to our go-live date in January 2021."

- Andrea Stevens
"I am on a Facebook group for Ambulance Billers, and a question was asked about a recommendation for an online credit card payment company. I highly recommended
Word of mouth is the best advertising. I love eServices; it's easy to use and efficient. The fact that you are always there to help if we need is also a huge plus; many companies keep us on hold forever and take weeks to get back to us.

I want people to know the reporting system is excellent as well. Coming from a consumer standpoint and my many years dealing with technology and people, your product and services are top-notch!
Thanks for all your company does!"

- Mary J. Gartner
  • Bolt-On Solutions

  • We provide a variety of services from Donation Management, Event Management, Invoicing,
    Medical Billing, and Membership Management, as well as Payment Processing Tools.

    Click on each icon to see if our services and products are right for your company or organization.
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