About You

You are an organization that provides services for your members. It’s important for you to grow your member base and maintain a high level of retention. You may be an EMS agency, a fire department, a church, a community center, a preschool, or perhaps you provide classes where keeping track of and accepting payments from students is paramount. In any case, it is either a goal of your organization to increase efficiency, increase revenue as it relates to your membership campaigns, or both. 

Our member management tool…

The eServices membership platform is the perfect tool for increasing memberships, retention, and overall efficiency.


Increasing Memberships

Members can easily sign up or renew their membership online. We make sure that it is easy for people to pay for their membership while ensuring you are collecting all of the data vital to your organization. Having a user friendly platform to buy a membership increases your overall number of memberships. Your organization can also add members who have signed up via cash or check. 



How are we doing and where could we do better?” These are questions every organization asks themselves. Our numerous reports help you answer these questions. Whether it’s breaking it down by year, week, area, lapsing, etc., our reports make it easy to set goals and track them. 


Member Outreach

If you want to grow your member base and keep your current members, it’s important for you to know who they are. Through our reporting and “campaigns” feature, your organization can quickly identify who is, was, or has never been a member. Our platform then allows you to easily export that data for e-mail, direct mail, or phone campaigns.



eServices also focuses on membership retention with features such as the automatic e-mail renewal reminders. When members receive this e-mail, they can simply click a button which takes the member straight to their membership. From here they can update their information, and renew their membership.