About You

Are you a medical billing company? Does your organization have a billing department? Whether you are a billing company, EMS agency, hospital, nursing home, etc. you need to collect payments towards medical billing. Your organization provides a service and it’s important that they are reimbursed for the work they’ve completed. Unfortunately, the process of collections is easier said than done. It is a constant struggle to increase the percentage of paid bills. Up until this point you may not have had a system in place to take payments online. Or perhaps your organization is interested in upgrading from your current vendor. Even if you have the ability for patients to pay online, not every online payment system is created equally, especially in the medical billing space where accuracy, compliance, and efficiency are crucial. Your organization wants as many bills paid as possible while spending less time and effort on billing in general.

Our medical billing tool…

The eServices Bill-Pay platform is designed from the ground up with the needs of medical billing departments. Our platform integrates with your billing software so that patients have the ability to search their bill and make a payment toward their outstanding balance. This ensures that all payments are accurate and free of time consuming issues such as overpayments, typos, etc. The internal part of the bill-pay platform makes it easy for your employees to search bills, and take patient pays over the phone or in person. Your employees have the ability to set up scheduled payments toward bills, ensuring that they are eventually paid in full. The various built in reports ensure that you are always up to date with payments that have been received online.