We Serve Schools

Our platform provides schools, athletic departments and organizations and conferences with everything they need to accept credit card payments both online and onsite. Our development team has created a simple yet sophisticated platform specifically for schools that can be branded with school colors and logos and handle just about any type of payment a school district might receive. Permission-based access provides a secure solution for any school or department to utilize whether it is a ticket to a football game, musical, prom, concessions, in-school coffee shop, payment of student fees, parking passes, facility rentals, summer classes, booster club fundraisers, or school taxes. The platform is secure to the latest industry standards with robust real time reporting and analytics available on-demand. We provide a simple and easy way for students, parents and supporters to make payments and purchase tickets without creating an account, remembering a password or downloading a special app just to make a purchase.

Our Products Work For You

The Event Management platform provides a quick and easy way to create events. Tiered user level access is configured by an admin specific to department and/or event. District officials can have global access to view all information for any event. Once integrated with your district adding schools, departments and events is simple. Our solutions bring your payments online to process student fees, host fundraisers for booster groups or activities, collect donations and more!

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