We Are Tech People

In the world today technology is a necessity. It is constantly evolving and expanding and if you are not embracing it you are being left behind. Our goal is to use our understanding of technology and connect that to decision-making at every level of your business. You need access to information in order to operate in the most efficient manner possible.

Our expertise in data management and software systems spans more than 30 years. We have systems and technology experience in banking, e-commerce, marketing, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, sales, inventory, customer service, donations, and campaign/project management. This gives us a deep understanding of how business works at all levels and how to deliver a set of services that you can feel confident in and rely on.

We are technology people with business experience. We put all of that expertise into or products and services so that you can get the information you need to make the most reliable decisions possible.

Our Technology in a Nutshell

The platforms you use today for business are powerful, portable and changing rapidly. No matter what industry you are in, this power, portability and change are having a direct impact on your business. The technology of our products and services are designed to use that power and portability to empower you to do what you need to do, wherever and whenever you need to do. We keep up with the changes by constantly reviewing and updating our products and services. That way you don’t have to think about the technology, you can just use it. 

We use web based technology that is independent of the device you are using. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, phone, or hand-held pad our systems will work on it without the need for special installation or downloads. No worrying about different versions or how to access to your information. Manage your business whether it is bill payments, payment processing, capital campaigns, fund raising, member tracking or real-time reporting right where you are with what you have.  


We’re in the business of helping you do yours.

Interested in trying out our products for your business? We offer a number of technologival solutions built to support a variety of business types.