We Serve Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations provide a charitable or tax exempt service. They often rely on donations to keep operations alive. Obtaining these donations is not always easy even though the service they are providing is vital to their community. Nonprofits not only need donations but they need to take them in a way that makes it clear what money they have collected and from who. In short, nonprofits need accurate reporting and they need to know who their donors are. It’s important that management at a nonprofit is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to receive more funding.

Our Products Work for You

Nonprofits may not generate a profit but they still need funds to operate. Obtaining these funds often require quite a bit of work. That’s why the eServices donation platform and giving platform are designed to reduce the amount of work that it takes to solicit donations. For example, automatic e-mail reminders make it so that no work is required to reach out to your donors or e-mail lists and ask for donations. Also, giving schedules make it so that people who give money can set up a schedule and give to your organization on a consistent basis.