We Serve First Responders

First responders often work in the most unfavorable and dangerous conditions. Despite their demanding jobs, this industry is often underpaid, understaffed, and overworked. Most first responders suffer from different struggles. Those who take donations struggle to collect enough money. If they collect bill payments they are usually receiving payments towards just a fraction of their invoices. Or if they collect memberships they usually see a decrease in their memberships year to year. There is a growing number of people who falsely believe that services from first responders are completely free.

Our Products Work for You

The eServices platform has the needs of first responders in mind. Whether you run a donation campaign, membership campaign, or collect bill payments, we have a platform tailored for you. Each platform’s first priority is increasing revenue. Additionally, all of our platforms make it easier to communicate to your area that your organization is at its best when it is being paid.

If you’re a fire department or EMS agency who takes donations, please read about our donation platform

If you’re an EMS or Air Medical Transport agency, please read about our membership platform here.

If you’re an organization who does medical billing, please read about our EMS bill-pay platform.