The eServices Technology Event Management platform grants you the ability to establish events, manage attendees and oversee registrations. The registration page of the platform can be branded to match your company’s website. Users can add multiple events to their shopping cart inside the event platform within one transaction.

eServices Technology Event Management Solution…

The eServices Technology Event Management Solution provides a quick and easy way to create and administer events, manage ticketing, and improve overall efficiency.



Music and theatrical events, dance/prom ticketing, summer school registration, SAT/ACT registration, continuing education registration, and many other school-organized events can be generated together or independently in the event platform. Once you create the event, the vast ticketing preferences enable you to view attendees, calculate ticket sales, provide print-at-home or digital tickets, or display enrollees. The platform offers increased accountability, safer transactions, and improved and improved efficiency for the business office.



The event platform is a solution to help gyms and health clubs to automate monthly memberships, value packages, punch cards, open gyms, class registration, and other gym events of your preference. Users have the potential to add one or all of your event offerings to their shopping cart before finalizing their transactions. View enrollees, generate back office reports and provide print-at-home or digital tickets are all features of the platform that increase business revenue and facilitate overall efficiency.



The centralized platform provides you the solution of establishing events for all of your fundraising events, car seat training classes, EMS training courses, and CPR certifications. Users have the functionality of adding one or multiple events to their shopping cart before completing their transaction. By storing email rosters, event scheduling, and the option of print-at-home or digital ticketing, this all in one solution enhances prompt performance and improved funding for your EMS agency.



Our platform can help Pre-Schools and Churches manage events and registrations. This solution can assist with student enrollment and events along with Church Youth group activities, Church trips, Vacation bible school registration, as well as Church lunches/dinners, Shower/Wedding reception rentals. We can also help Churches move donations online, and all of these functions can be managed from one platform with robust reporting, quick funding, and print-at-home and digital tickets


Athletic events

Create online or onsite ticket sales for multiple events with print-at-home or digital tickets. Originate your customizable event preferences, with the means to control editing or duplicate an event, limit quantities or access, and promote multiple sports or events simultaneously. Users may develop various ticketing types and value offerings for athletic event ticket sales, team banquets, onsite concessions, and merchandise sales, 50/50 sales, booster club fundraisers, and more.


Small businesses

The event platform can be an adaptable solution for your businesses branding requirements, allowing you to create industry-specific events for your market and customer base. Users have the option of a print-at-home ticket or digital ticket after completing their transaction. The platform accelerates data and simplifies overall business management.


Fire Departments

Create events for your fire department within one event platform, granting users the capability to develop one or multiple events such as fish fries, bingo, department fundraisers, and virtual ticket sales for event attendees. The platform stores emails, manages attendees and allows the functionality of multiple events to occur simultaneously to increase attendance and generate revenue for your fire department.



Exhibit registration, convention ticket sales, and event coupon codes can all be established in this one intuitive event management platform. Users have the ticketing options of print-at-home or digital when completing their transaction, providing features and functionality, such as simplified registration, attendee behavior, and back-office reporting that make event planning smooth and convenient for your convention.